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I am back! I have had a break because I have had a baby! As many of you know preganancy and the early days of a new baby zapps your brain cells and energy. Now my brain cells are working a bit more I am back and am ready to get back to work.

I have the entries submitted so far and am going to work on some more and then look on methods of publication. So watch this space as there should be more updates to come and also more letters to women in ministry.



Today I woke up with the clocks going back gaining an extra hour of sleep and feeling good. Unfortunately I came to earth with a thud my husband was reading the news and decided to share something that bought me right back down to earth. Apparently the Pope has extended an invitation to CoE clergy to join the Roman Catholic church but keep some of their CoE traditions. Not such a big deal you think but when you are faced with approximately 600 clergy considering taking up the offer it does make you wonder.

So why you may ask is this being considered? Well according to reports it is because of the ordination of women bishops and this is why my heart breaks. I couldn’t believe that male clergy are so opposed to a concept of equality in their faith that they would turn their back on the religion they represent rather than seek reconciliation.

I am still processing how sad I am finding it and therefore will need probably another day to consider this sad news. The links for reading are below if your interested in checking the story out for yourself.

Devotion time is really important in the life of the Christian it gives us the opportunity to hear from God. This morning my devotional time lead me to a serious of questions. I am currently studying the book of Acts for devotion and am enjoying all the challenges that it places on my thinking and the way it stretches my mind.

This mornings passage was Acts 11 and the verses that struck me are 25 and 26.

25 Then Barnabas went on to Tarsus to look for Saul. 26 When he found him, he brought him back to Antioch. Both of them stayed there with the church for a full year, teaching large crowds of people. (It was at Antioch that the believers[g] were first called Christians.)

New Living Translation

When I read this it felt like God was confirming the work that we are doing with this blog and book it felt as if God said there needs to be more. Seek out the women coming into ministry who need to hear a word of encouragement and bring them with us. Allow them to benefit from our experience and work. Barnabas looked for Saul at a time just after Saul’s calling while he was probably wondering what next and he helped him in finding his feet teaching. What more can we do for other women who are entering ministry and need that encouragement.

Take the opportunity to seek someone out who needs that support, the friendly ear, the coaching and see what the Holy Spirit can do today. I know for me this will be the text that I now hold dear as I continue this work of encouraging other women in ministry.

I had the great privilege of a sister in ministry giving me a copy of The Shack. This book felt not like a revelation but rather a confirmation of what I instinctively felt about God. However it still challenged the thinking in terms of reconciling texts and stories in the bible with the authors view of God. How do you reconcile the incidents outlined in Job were God directly allowed the devil to create misery and pain in Job’s life where in the book the author places God in a different position one of being the loving God who chooses not to interfere in human life because of his love/respect for the free will of humanity. The questions beg further investigation the only conclusion I can come to in my hour of need is that God is good and nothing we can do will change that God is loving it is our human interpretation of that love that is challenged constantly.

So what is my point? Reading is a good thing it stretches the mind, challenges our thinking and allows us an insight into the way that others think. Whether you are reading something like the shack or a theological book or a work of fiction or what my friend terms “a trashy novel” it is worth taking a break from the heady work of ministry to take time to replenish your own resources and reading can be the perfect way of achieving this.

For some shopping is merely a necessary evil but for others it is a great day out. For me it happens to be a great way to spend time. Shopping helps me to remember that I am normal and however mad life is going to the shops keeps my feet firmly on the ground and gives me the space to be me. Every minister should have something that allows them to step away from their role for the day and reconnect with themselves. Something that allows them to be their whole self not just the little bits that are necessary for ministry. While ministry may be a life calling it doesn’t mean that you have to suspend everything about your life to be only a minister. You may enjoy sports or shopping (some say its a sport) or reading or nature whatever those passions are ensure that you don’t lose them to your life’s work.

I am looking forward to receiving your entry this is just my thought for the day. Have a great day, shopping I hope 🙂

Girlfriends. I have found one of the things I have really appreciate while in ministry is having girlfriends not involved in ministry. It’s nice to have a conversation that doesn’t revolve around work! Also if there are issues that you would like to seek advice on a fresh pair of eyes with no bias is absolutely amazing. If that friend really knows you they will also be able to spot your overworked overtired and overstressed signs and take you to do something completely out of the ordinary that relaxes you. Embrace those people you can be your whole self with and no just their minister they are few and far between and should be cherished.

Have a great day!

It seems in my haste to get back to work that I forgot one minute detail the deadline. I would really like to have this in the hands of women starting their new academic year 2010 as I am sure you would also. Therefore the deadline is 31st January 2010 for entries. I recognise that ministers have busy lives and so wanted to give as much time possible for you to get the entries in.

So folks let’s get writing

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OK folks I am back.

Unfortunately I have been having a rough time and had taken a break from working on this project. However I realise that this is an important project and even if I am having it rough someone else going into ministry may need some encouragement, laughter and joy that these letters may bring. So I am back and wanting to pursue this with everything now.

I thank all the women who have already entered and I look forward to receiving all the additional entries. I should be back to blogging more often and look forward to sharing all the tips and hints I find.

The deadline has been extended. You still have time to be a part of this exciting project. Please contact me with your entries. Thank you to all who have already submitted this is very exciting and I look forward to sharing it with all women entering ministry.