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For some shopping is merely a necessary evil but for others it is a great day out. For me it happens to be a great way to spend time. Shopping helps me to remember that I am normal and however mad life is going to the shops keeps my feet firmly on the ground and gives me the space to be me. Every minister should have something that allows them to step away from their role for the day and reconnect with themselves. Something that allows them to be their whole self not just the little bits that are necessary for ministry. While ministry may be a life calling it doesn’t mean that you have to suspend everything about your life to be only a minister. You may enjoy sports or shopping (some say its a sport) or reading or nature whatever those passions are ensure that you don’t lose them to your life’s work.

I am looking forward to receiving your entry this is just my thought for the day. Have a great day, shopping I hope 🙂


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