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Today I woke up with the clocks going back gaining an extra hour of sleep and feeling good. Unfortunately I came to earth with a thud my husband was reading the news and decided to share something that bought me right back down to earth. Apparently the Pope has extended an invitation to CoE clergy to join the Roman Catholic church but keep some of their CoE traditions. Not such a big deal you think but when you are faced with approximately 600 clergy considering taking up the offer it does make you wonder.

So why you may ask is this being considered? Well according to reports it is because of the ordination of women bishops and this is why my heart breaks. I couldn’t believe that male clergy are so opposed to a concept of equality in their faith that they would turn their back on the religion they represent rather than seek reconciliation.

I am still processing how sad I am finding it and therefore will need probably another day to consider this sad news. The links for reading are below if your interested in checking the story out for yourself.


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