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It seems in my haste to get back to work that I forgot one minute detail the deadline. I would really like to have this in the hands of women starting their new academic year 2010 as I am sure you would also. Therefore the deadline is 31st January 2010 for entries. I recognise that ministers have busy lives and so wanted to give as much time possible for you to get the entries in.

So folks let’s get writing


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This blog has been set up to promote support for those in ministry. The first phase of this support is for women entering into ministry. The idea is that all those women who has been called to ministry and go off to college or university or get involved in ministry have the opportunity to receive support from those who have gone before.

It is about gathering the wealth of experience that is out there of women in ministry currently and sharing that with those entering into this calling.

This is a inter-denominational, cross-country and multi-cultural project it is not limited to one denomination or other and is there to support all women.

I hope that in doing this we will be able to encourage those not only entering ministry but in ministry as well.