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I am back! I have had a break because I have had a baby! As many of you know preganancy and the early days of a new baby zapps your brain cells and energy. Now my brain cells are working a bit more I am back and am ready to get back to work.

I have the entries submitted so far and am going to work on some more and then look on methods of publication. So watch this space as there should be more updates to come and also more letters to women in ministry.



OK folks I am back.

Unfortunately I have been having a rough time and had taken a break from working on this project. However I realise that this is an important project and even if I am having it rough someone else going into ministry may need some encouragement, laughter and joy that these letters may bring. So I am back and wanting to pursue this with everything now.

I thank all the women who have already entered and I look forward to receiving all the additional entries. I should be back to blogging more often and look forward to sharing all the tips and hints I find.

The deadline has been extended. You still have time to be a part of this exciting project. Please contact me with your entries. Thank you to all who have already submitted this is very exciting and I look forward to sharing it with all women entering ministry.